One Direction

One Direction

21st August 2015


The wait is over! One Direction’s Drag Me Down music video is finally here.

Following the song’s surprise release last month, we know you’ve all been waiting for the video to drop. In a first for the band, the out-of-this world video was shot exclusively at NASA’s International Space Station and sees the guys go on a journey to a place where no One Direction member has ever been before – space!

Let us know your thoughts using hashtag #DragMeDownMusicVideo.

Night Changes

It's here! The new One Direction video for Night Changes...
31st July 2015

Drag Me Down

@onedirection 8days

Show us your face when #DragMeDownMusicVideo dropped on @Vevo this AM.

21st August 2015

Show us your face when #DragMeDownMusicVideo dropped on @Vevo this AM.

17th November 2014

Night Changes

Night Changes, the second single from the NEW album FOUR, is out now!

We've got the video, lyrics and behind the scenes photos!
Check out the single
29th Aug 2015, United States of America

On The Road Again

Next show
29.08.15  United States of America
Detroit, Michigan, Ford Field
17th Nov 2014

FOUR is out now


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29th August 2015
@onedirection 1hr

Who can't get enough of Harry's high notes?

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