One Direction

21st October 2014

Steal My Gif

Everybody wanna steal my GIFs
Everybody wanna take them all away
Couple billion in the whole wide world
Want to find them on websites then stick them on replay…

Yes! This week there are some exclusive GIFs from the Steal My Girl video hidden on sites that you can steal… if you can find them first.

Throughout the week they’ll be placed on a few different sites. We’ll give you a hint on Twitter and Facebook, and the rest is up to you guys (if you’d quite like to see some behind the scenes action from this EPIC video).Heads up - first hint is 6pm UK time today.

Don’t forget, the video airs on Friday 24th @ 4pm BST (UK) time and we’re up for trying to get a #StealMyGirlVEVORecord – are you?

Steal My Girl is OUT NOW! Grab your copy here!