The Big “Canada Loves 1D” Scrapbook

Calling all Canadian Directioners!

We're putting together the biggest fan scrapbook for the biggest fans out there!

  1. Send in your scrapbook submission via snail mail. This could be a photo, poem, drawing, or letter.

    Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.
    PO Box 314
    Don Mills, ON
    M3C 2S7

    We will only accept submissions received no later than Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at the above address.

  2. Each week we'll take photos of the scrapbook's progress, and post them on the One Direction Facebook page, so you know for SURE your item made it in

  3. When One Direction are in Toronto February 26th for their sold-out show with Big Time Rush, we will hand deliver the book to them, and film the whole thing!

  4. We'll then post the The Big 'Canada Loves 1D' Scrapbook reveal video, right here on this page

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